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Latest ‘blink-and-you’ll-miss-it’ Levorg from Subaru

It is very easy to adopt a ‘fallen from grace’ attitude, when writing about Subaru, explains Iain Robertson, who believes that the brand does not warrant a ‘non-entity’ status, due to its high safety, important small details and vastly improved quality.

Cutesy Fiat 500 receives revived ‘EsseEsse’ model and celebratory elements

While it is easy to regard Fiat as stuck in a 500 rut, Iain Robertson reiterates that the company has always been Europe’s ‘small car specialist’ and there are none that come more adorable than the 500, especially in more focussed 595 guises.

Toyota harks back to past glories with reintroduced Supra

The all-new Toyota GR Supra is the fifth generation of Toyota’s legendary sports car and the first global GR model from Toyota Gazoo Racing, reports Iain Robertson on the new Toyota that almost never was and is already sold out for 2019. 

All-new JCW package gifts supercar potential to hottest Mini

Whatever diet BMW is on at present, it is sure to send Mini fans scurrying to the latest John Cooper Works variants to discover their headlining figures, which Iain Robertson suggests are now pegged at super-hot-hatch levels.

Jaguar Classic recreates XK120 for Britain’s leading male model

Jaguar Classic has completed a bespoke Jaguar XK120 sports car restoration, reports Iain Robertson, that was commissioned by renowned British male model and life-long brand enthusiast, David Gandy, which will have a competition future.

19_19 celebrates Citroen’s centenary in show car style

Recalling his past knowledge of Citroen concept cars, Iain Robertson believes that the French carmaker has excelled itself with its celebratory one-off model, which is designed to preface what could lie in the company’s future transport proposition. 

Unusual series of commissioned photographs heralds new Mazda3’s arrival

Not being an ‘art expert’, Iain Robertson harbours his own views about a special run of ‘snaps’ taken by renowned British photographer, Rankin, whose middle-name used singularly is intended to grant John R Waddell an especially elevated status.

Vauxhall surges down the PHEV route with AWD Grandland X

Market and fiscal demands are directing PSA-owned Vauxhall into electrification, reports Iain Robertson, and its latest plug-in Grandland model packs in the technology, with some unusually high-performance purpose.

Ford’s latest Focus posits fresh direction in compact car sector

If there is one aspect of Ford Motor Company that can be regarded as a ‘failsafe’, writes Iain Robertson, it is its firm grip of the compact car segment and the latest, ‘everyman’ version of its popular Focus model shows that it retains some traction.

All-new VW ID.3 is set for end-of-2019 launch

News from Volkswagen is that it is gearing-up for a predominantly EV future at the moment, writes Iain Robertson, with a comprehensively revised factory and the promise of its first, purpose-built, battery-electric hatchback by this December.

If you really want ‘exciting’, how’s about a Jeep on ice, just shy of 180mph?

At the annual Speed Days of the Baikal Ice Motor Sports Festival 2019, held in Russia, highlights Iain Robertson, the Jeep Grand Cherokee Trackhawk has set the speed record for SUVs driven on frozen water. 

Excitement abounds with Alfa’s record-breaking Stelvio laps

Throwing down the gauntlet in setting the first-ever SUV production car lap records around three of the UK’s best known race tracks, reports Iain Robertson, it would be fair to suggest that the Italian firm wants to show you its ‘Cuore Sportivo’.

Citroen does Surrey a very small pothole favour

While repairing the nation’s roads properly would be a government bankrupting procedure, Iain Robertson noticed that Citroen and one of its ‘celebrity’ drivers was attempting to make a minor impact on the lanes of one English county.

If you fancy a customised van, here’s a more cost-effective route to one

A South Wales-based tuning company is to launch a new van to sit alongside its Ford QVM-approved Transit Custom Conversion, writes Iain Robertson, and it looks like a real ‘bobby-dazzler’ by any reckoning, with a truly fine pedigree.

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